Current Issues of Solar Manufacturers

1. Anti-Dumping Duty and Safeguard Duty :
The Indian Solar Manufacturing Industry has been victim of aggressive dumping of cells and modules, mainly by China since 2011/12. In the past some support was given to the local Industry in an ad-hoc manner, in form of DCR mandate for selected solar projects but this format of support was struck down by WTO.

To create a level playing field against below cost dumping from China PR, Taiwan and Malaysia by the imposition of duty with a keen eye on prevention of circumvention ( to avoid a similar fate of USA and EU failures)

2. Demand Visibility for Local Component Manufacturers.

3. Quality Order : Strict Implementation of the Quality Order and technical regulations mandating third-party inspection and local certification for all imports including traceability.

4. DCR : Expansion of the definition of DCR to include all components i.e. Glass, EVA, Back Sheet, Junction Box and Wafers.

5. Bank Support : Access to funds and priority sector landing for manufacturing. Industry needs to convince the bankers to support current and future manufacturing expansion.

6. SIPS & M-SIPS : Implementation and execution of capital Incentive Programs like SIPS & M-SIPS which needs a major overhaul and more effective implementation.